Southern hemisphere’s summer is coming soon, so do our plans start to accelerate. Announcing the 3YØI bandplan – frequencies and modes we’ll utilize while operating from Bouvet Island.

160m 1822 1840
80m 3502 3785 3567
40m 7002 7090 7056
30m 10106 10131
20m 14002 14190 14090
17m 18072 18140 18095
15m 21002 21200 21091
12m 24892 24940 24911
10m 28002 28440 28091
6m 50105 50140


FT-8 Guidance for working 3YØI WSJT-X Fox / Hound

We are asking everyone to follow these guidelines for calling 3y0i on FT-8. You will get through faster by using these simple guidelines:

  • Only thew latest WSJT-X Version v2 will be compatible. You need to update your software to the latest version in order to be able to work us!
  • We will use DX-pedition mode for all bands except 160m
  • Configure the software and radio per the WSJT-X and your radio’s installation instructions.
  • Do not use 3YØI as your first FT8 on the air experience
  • Your operating frequency control should be under CAT (rig) control from the program – NOT manually from your VFO. You must add to WSJT-X.
  • Your WSJT-X software must be configured as a Hound.
  • Call us ONLY if you are able to decode 3YØI responding to other Hounds or if you decode a CQ from 3YØI. You may initiate a calling sequence by double clicking 1 on any 3YØIresponse.
  • 3YØI will be transmitting BELOW 1,000 Hertz. You MUST select an open calling frequency between 1,000 – 4000 Hertz.
  • Once 3YØI replies to a Hound with RR73 the QSO is completed and logged.
  • The Hound does not need to send 73 to complete the QSO.

Note 1: This assumes you have WSJT-X configured for Double Click on call sets Tx enable

Note 2: If you don’t complete a QSO within five minutes after being called by 3YØI that you should restart a new QSO.