3YØI preparations resumed

It’s time to share some important information on our further plans of the 3YØI DXpedition to Bouvet Island with our ham radio supporters and other followers around the world.

As you probably know, our first attempt to reach the island of Bouvet in March 2019 failed. Despite complex preparations and training received in Cape Town, South Africa, our vessel got hit by a big storm so badly that we had no choice but to sail back to Cape Town to reshuffle our plans. We were so close – just 63 nautical miles offshore Bouvet Island!

The 1st attempt took yet another toll. Although we couldn’t activate the #2 Most Wanted DXCC at that time, we had to cover all costs involved, of course. Since it’s been a privately funded venture from the very beginning, we spent as much as U$ 225.000 from our personal funds so far. Only 9% of our DXpedition budged got covered by donations, so the final impact on our private monies is huge. Fortunately, we don’t give things up easily.

The 2nd attempt under planning

We estimate that the second attempt would be around U$ 170.000 in total. It’s less than our initial budget as we have collected a lot of important equipment already + went under necessary extra-paid training + secured many things logistically, too. Is that much if compared to other top DXCC expeditions’ budgets? Not at all! Moreover, we have already secured half of the required budget to go back to Bouvet. But after the last aftermath and considering the next suitable time-frames with safe weather conditions at far South Atlantic Ocean, we’re simply unable to repair our budget with personal funding this fast. We face a risk to postpone the expedition, unfortunately. Yes, we did our best to make it happen last March. Yes, we’re still up to take a second chance. But this time it may only take place if we receive financial support to cover at least half of the missing budget, which is U$ 85.000, to make 3YØI coming true. And here’s how you can…

Help us to make 3YØI happen

Keeping in mind transparency of our project since the very beginning, we decided to go yet further with game-changing rules to fund amateur radio expeditions. Why do we call that the “game-changer”? We would like to ask the ham radio community to help to fund our project via the GoFundMe.com fundraising platform. All funds sent over there to support the 3YØI by donors would automatically be displayed and be instantly available for a public review. No more misty and semi-transparent foundation policies, hidden agendas, complicated foundation procedures and waiting for months for clarifications to learn (or rather guess?) what happened to the collected monies.

To make things even more clear, in case we don’t reach the absolute minimum sum required (U$ 85.000), and we couldn’t continue with our plans to activate the Most Wanted DXCC #2 any time soon, all collected funds would immediately be returned to donors by GoFundMe.com, leaving our hands clear with no need to explain ourselves what happened to the money and what we would do next.

Our intentions are clear: if we don’t reach our fundraising goal, we won’t receive nor spend a single cent you donate and it would be returned to your GoFundMe account for withdrawal or to support any other GoFundMe project of your choice.

To make the fundraising more attractive, once we reach the required minimum of U$ 85k, we will give donors a chance to win something special:

  • each donor supporting U$ 200 or more will qualify to enter a (life video stream) lottery in which 3 individuals (+1 accompanying person each) will win a 10-days sailing trip around Fiji islands for you on our Rebel catamaran with our captain and crew members. In addition, all donors who donated U$ 199 and more for our 1st attempt in March, will also enter the lottery.
  • and each donor supporting us with U$ 500 or more, will qualify to enter a (life video stream) lottery to win a free expedition trip for 3 individuals with Rebels to remote places around Pacific (dates and DXCC TBA).
  • Additionally, each donor supporting U$ 25 will qualify to get a free QSL card from 3YØI. And there’s something else… Each supporter donating to 3YØI expedition U$ 1000 or more, will get a privilege to get a satellite call from the Team while at Bouvet, a signature souvenir from the island and access to special limited photo/video archive taken during the entire expedition.

The voting and winners would be selected and announced online during a video live stream (transparency!). Again, the lottery will be organized only if we reach the required minimum of the announced missing budget and the 3YØI expedition takes place. Clear? Clear!

The gloomy future of South Atlantic expeditions

The future of amateur radio expeditions, especially in terms of activating entities placed across cold high latitude seas, isn’t bright. Apart from the uncertainty of future Solar cycles’ strength that may badly reflect radio propagations, there are still very few of us who realize that visiting remote cold islands may become very seldom or even almost impossible. And we can only blame ourselves, humans, unfortunately. Global climate change’s impact is getting worse. It’s currently more and more pronounces in the higher latitudes where the changes occur faster than anywhere else. Ice caps and glaciers meltdown causes there will be more and more sweet waters getting into the oceans. That will impact all sea and wind currents there in the first place. They start to shift quickly and weather conditions will become more and more unpredictable and violent. Additionally, the changes will produce an enormous amount of ice pack and icebergs, reaching even middle latitudes putting sea travelers in threat. We’re all, unfortunately, living witnesses of the change coming and it’s very possible that visiting those places by hams may become too risky and too expensive.

Today, each visit to those dangerous places, including amateur radio expeditions, is hard to overvalue. Visitors have a unique chance to document climate change impacts and to collect important data for scientists. Since we‘ve been in touch with scientists from the very beginning of our project, all information we would collect at the island will go under scientific supervision. That’s how we could pay off for permission to visit and activate the island for you, dear Ham and…

Here’s how you can help, too!

So now you probably understand more we’re are so much committed to the 3YØI project! Yet, we’re so much aware why Bouvet ranks #2 today – we all felt that when we got beaten by huge waves and seasickness at South Atlantic Ocean on route to Bouvet. It’s not only our dream to land at Bouvet in time. There are so many hams dreaming of putting at least 1 QSO with the island into their logs and we will try to do our best to make it happen. So if you feel the 3YØI DXpedition is worth of our 2nd try and to receive your financial support, proceed to our GoFundMe page and donate now:


It’s as easy as a piece of cake and you don’t need to have any PayPal account to do so. And don’t forget to follow us at Facebook, Twitter and to share this news with your radio friends, please!



After a short and solid in-team discussion we decided that all donors, who supported our first attempt to Bouvet in March 2019 with U$199 and more, will take part in a similar lottery as we’ve announced recently in terms of the 2nd Bouvet’s attempt. We simply feel we should honor all of our supporters who qualify to enter the lottery.

So, each donor who donated at least 199 USD and more until March 2019 is able to win a FREE 10 days vacation + sailing trip on our own Rebel Catamaran with a Captain and crew among the Fiji islands. The rules are simple and the same as the current lottery for supporters of the 2nd Bouvet attempt. We will choose 3 donors + 1 accompanying person each, that is 6 people in total. Dates are to be arranged with participants once chosen.

The prize includes 10 days vacation and/or the sailing trip around some amazing Fiji islands. Prize do not include participants insurances, airfares from/to home destinations and food (this can be arranged by our crew on request). The entire process of the prize drawing and the winners’ announcements will be live-streamed online. The prize draw will take place in approx. 2 weeks and will be announced a couple of days earlier.