After receiving absolutely no single word of reply to our invitation from the 3YØZ organizers (we leave that for your own judgement), an important decision has been taken by our team.

We’re now open for applications to join the 3YØI Bouvet Island Expedition …

A full inspection of the expedition vessel by the team in person is planned after our trip to Pacific. There are 2 reasons to do so. We wish to avoid any circumstances that woudn’t allow us to put 3YØI on the air and we also wish to reduce spendings to minimum. Thanks to proper planning, total cost of the expdition is already much lower than any other similar venture announced recently. More savings to come after the inspection.

Our main ear cointainer in already on route to South Africa, where our journey to Bouvet will begin from.

As said before, we invite experienced operators to join efforts to activate the 2nd most wanted entitiy during Antarctic summer. More details available on request by email at: [email protected] Don’t forget to attach your ham radio CV and to ask your boss for 1 month+ vacations 😉