Important update regarding information sources regarding the 3YØI DXpedition. Since now on, the only website providing direct information about our mission is – our DXpedition website. Wayne NØUN, responsible for managing our website had to step back due to personal reasons. He has recently been deliberately attacked by a number of American hams using words “scammer” and other offensive terms and we do all agree he didn’t deserve such behavior. Due to the above, we will not update that website anymore. The updates on 3YØI will also be available at our Facebook pages: and + at Twitter:

To all those individuals calling names and calling our project a “scam” – we kindly remind a couple of facts.

Our expedition is covered by private funds and it’s been a very independent, personal project. Unlike other major DXpedition, for instance, 3YØZ, we did not receive any foundation sponsorship and WE WILL not ask nor accept ANY. The only third party money we received up to date (less 5% of our total budget, the entire rest is covered by private funds) come from 100% VOLUNTARY donations of individual supporters – we are very grateful for their trust in our enterprise! Unlike those organizers, we will not accept any unclear rules of funding DXpeditions by foundations’ board members who are participants of the same DXpeditions applying for grants! As for us, the lack of transparency, twisted rules and sponsoring themselves with other foundations’ and individual sponsors’ funds is simply unacceptable.

Yes, we are in Cape Town for over 4 months now, and according to our plan, this has been a good decision making. Unlike 3YØZ leaders, asking for almost $1 mln donations for over 2 years of preparations, but at the same time not being able to inspect their vessel in full in prior of departure (which outcome we all know), we are able to examine each and every bolt and screw at our ship and we personally helped to fix past technical problems and we got involved in preparations to obtain full SAMSA’s strict and difficult to pass certification by end of February. Note: nobody rebuked their 2 years of preparations and asking for more and more money that as final result – landed into a bin. We are being criticized for staying and working in Cape Town for our own money, although we do that on purpose: we want to take a closer look at the preparations in person – to make things more than twice sure we don’t miss something.

These bitter words of ours may hurt, but we feel like being deliberately criticized and attacked on purpose – just because we’ve been brave enough to be solitude standing, independent, willing to activate top DXCC #2 and being able to do that. Unfortunately, it’s so clear that there are other competitive DXpeditions’ participants among those individuals who attack us and our friends. They are generally speaking – the ones who didn’t succeed recently, and now trying to torpedo our plans, using some tricks and methods not only among hams, but also here in South Africa. Actually, we consider that once back to Cape Town from Bouvet, we will write a long story about all backstage events and will address them to those rude troublemakers.

As bringing to a close, we fully guarantee we will NOT read all comments like those anymore and they will all be totally ignored by the 3YØI Team. They bring absolutely no input to our plans and their authors may keep their thoughts for themselves – we don’t need you! Moreover, we will continue our independent plans and projects. We devote our private time, resources, knowledge, family time and money in something that is not their invention and they have absolutely no rights to impact our plans. They may feel free to get started with their own, separate DX projects – nobody, including us, will stop them, too. Good luck!

As a bottom line: if you belong to that group of individuals not wishing us best of luck – please do not call us while 3YØI will be on the air. We don’t need you nor your support. Your QSL card neither. We will enjoy the trip – regardless of its final outcome – much more than you, and we’ll have nothing to regret. Activating Bouvet Island our goal and sacrifice, not yours.