Following our previous announcement we have received a huge number of requests and suggestions to make our project better and more successful. We REALLY appreciate and consider them all. Majority of the notes – understandably – refer to increasing a number of bands and modes we’ll be active on from Bouvet Island. This all pushes us to expand our plans.

Even though we initially planned the 3YØI DXpedition with a small (but sturdy) power-sailor yacht and by a small, reliable and experienced team, we can’t deny we’ve also been looking for a chance to go there with a bigger team. It’s clear we should do so to meet the huge demand of ATNO and to provide as many slots/modes worldwide as possible. We’ve also been looking to different option to reduce expedition’s cost while utilizing maximum resources: operators, equipment + right security measures.

As also announced before, we’ve found a suitable and – the most important – reliable ship in a perfect shape with a responsible crew with Southern Oceans and Antarctic experience – at much lower cost.

After negotiations with the ship’s owner, we were able to reduce our DXpedition’s budget to – ATTENTION! – 225.000 USD in total. YES – we’re talking about the REAL cost of bringing a BIG team and a GOOD gear to the island. And another “YES”: we’ve already secured MORE THAN A HALF of our estimated budget amount and signed an initial contract with the ship’s owner.

Since any other DXpedition to Bouvet Island isn’t going to materialize anytime soon, and most of the donations funded to previous Bouvet’s activation are being sent to DX Foundations around the world (and yet they were dedicated by donors to this particular entity), we decided to apply for grants to cover missing amount of our budget.

By doing so, we feel much confident that’s a right decision-making and we’ve got right arguments in hands:

  • Drastically lower cost of the project while still maintaining an experienced and reliable big team and equipment to meet DXers’ demands. At at least 1/3 of cost of any other similar expedition announced recently!
  • After careful reading of application and grant rules of DX foundations we apply to, none of them states they’d support a specific group of operators/applicants but they’re clearly in charge to support projects that meet application criterias and ventures to bring rare DXCC entities on the air and which continue ham radio legacy. It’s our turn and chance now, isn’t it?
  • As said before, the money collected by different organizations are meant to be spent on the very precisely defined purposes: eg. Bouvetøya on the airwaves for the ham radio community worldwide. Thus, once granted, in this particular case and circumstances, we shouldn’t ask individual donors for donating to the same entity over again, but expecting the support from the foundations themselves. Individual donors already donated much to a project that turned out unseccessful and with the foundations’ support received, we wouldn’t feel ethically “OK” and in charge to ask for private money for the same goal.
  • At last, but not least, we wish to bring back life to DXpeditioning and to make it more open for next ham radio generations by cost reducing and opening – at last – “DXped doors” to new experienced operators.

We strongly believe that DX foundations we’ve applied to will understand our arguments and possibilities and will rise to the challenge of our way of thinking: more ham radio, more attractive activations from the most wanted entities and less money and business involved. Crossing fingers for bringing Bouvetoya onto airwaves.  It’s our chance now!

Wish to join 3YØI? Send an email for more info to: [email protected]
Don’t forget to attach your ham radio CV and to ask your boss for 1 month+ vacations ;-)