A bunch of fresh news from the 3YØI – Bouvet Island camp. Although we’re still $25k short of our required budget, we arrange and follow things up according to our plans. A have already paid down-payment for our vessel . We also analysed all conclusions collected during the 1st attempt. We have already verified, prepared and stored our expedition and radio gear. Actually we’re just waiting for the coming Southern hemisphere’s summer to “set sails” again.

Our 2nd attempt to “conquer” the remotest island in the world – Bouvet Island – will take place by end of 2020.

We strongly encourage to support our project via our GoFundMe page at https://www.gofundme.com/f/3y0i-bouvet-island-expedition . The website constantly updates and displays names and callsigns of each donor who decide to back up our plans.

We are very very thankful for all donations sent by all of our current supporters!  

As announced before, we’re up to our next project and about to leave for the Pacific IOTA tour by end of March. As a local tropical cyclone season withdraws, once arrived at Fiji we will check our Rebel’s catamaran and prepare it for a long 1 month+ oceanic voyage. Expect the launch of the T33T Banaba and T22T Tuvalu project by late April/beginning of May 2020. 

We welcome our new gear supporter – The Adjustiwave Antennas. Their antennas’ secter is simplicity and durability and we’re going to use their verticals as additional and backup aerials during our Pacifit tour. Take a look at their website to learn more about these self-erected vertical multibanders: https://adjustiwave.com/

73 and fingers crossed!
The RDXG Team