3YØI Press Release #2
March 25, 2019


Furious 50s, how are you?

A bunch of news from the South Atlantic. Just spoke to Dom 3Z9DX @ MV Atlantic Tuna. As typing these words, they’re entering the “Furious 50s” – another marine zone of even worse sea conditions to deal with. Then just approx. 4°25’ more South to go! The Team and the Crew are fine. However, 3 past days of continuous very stormy weather takes its toll – some of them suffer from minor seasickness. Who wouldn’t do!? 😉


3Y0I MV Atlantic Tuna position 25032019


Tracking: https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0tARRAqk3ftzEN8piDb2UOWqGrnOX349o

If everything goes fine, they should get nearby Bouvet Island by the end of March 26 or on the morning of March 27. Then the ship will go into standby mode and the Team will download the latest weather reports to estimate the best timeframe for suitable conditions for a landing attempt. They will not rush nor consider premature attempts to push things too hard. Why? One of the primal and most important assumptions of the project is:

safety, safety, and once again safety!

One of the factors for landing decision making is to be able to estimate sufficient time for safe landing and building at least a smaller first camp at the island. Once the first “base” is secured (mind furious weather conditions at the island!), they will hit the air with first contacts from a safe and heated compound. In the meantime, other smaller team might wait in the cue at the vessel for landing at the best possible safe weather conditions.

The final procedures will be applied once they anchor by the island with weather reports in hands. As said before, the team has got arranged more time for waiting for landing (and definitely operating!), if necessary. As for now, the most recent weather predictions for the end of March show even more calm conditions than before. See the chart below:

bouvetoyaorg wx predictions for 27-30 march 2019

Live weather forecast for Bouvet Island:

Once closer to the island and landing, we will unveil more details on our plans. Stay tuned for further updates.

73 and fingers crossed!

Stan SP8S


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