3YØI Expedition plan


A robust seagoing vessel has been secured for the expedition’s purposes. It is also prepared to sail in extreme weather conditions including ice pack. Expedition tents will become our shelter during our stay at the island and will protect us from harsh weather conditions.


Our expedition will begin in the Republic of South Africa, from where we’ll sail to Bouvet. We will cross over 2800 miles across the far South Atlantic. That is over 5200 km! Once we land at the island, we will install a camp and ham radio equipment at the ice cap covering 93% of Bouvet.  If weather permits, we will climb the highest point of the island, Olavtoppen, reaching 760m above sea level.


Our expedition is planned for the southern hemisphere’s summer time. Exact dates will be announced when closer to our departure. Our cruise will take approx. 7 days one way. If we are lucky with the weather, our stay at the island will last for 2 weeks. We assume the entire journey will take approximately 1.5 months.

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