3YØI Expedition’s goals

Our goals

  • To make the very first Polish expedition to the subantarctic island of Bouvet,
  • To make radio contacts with amateur radio enthusiasts from all over the world with our ham radio expedition,
  • To geographically explore the island, including reaching the island’s highest peak, Olavtoppen (760m a.s.l.), which is covered in 93% with an ice cap,
  • To photo and video document our cruise and stay at the island including documentation for scientific institutions and our Sponsors.

An international ham radio expedition, DXpedition, will highlight our mission. Thanks to advanced high-tech radio equipment, we’ll be able to make contacts with hams from all over the world. Bouvet island is placed number 2 on the DXCC Most Wanted List (right behind North Korea) – the list of places that appear on airwaves the least. It is no wonder there are thousands of hams around the globe on all continents waiting for a chance to make a radio contact with Bouvet since the island was last heard on the air over 10 years ago.

All contacts will be confirmed via OQRS and LoTW.

Thanks to Bouvet’s unique and demanding location, with our 3 week long cruise on stormy seas and ability to broadcast live from the island, our expedition will become a worldwide event  across Polish and international media.

We’ll be present on Facebook, Twitter and more while at Bouvet Island, delivering fresh news from „the end of the world”.

Support us and donate to our Expedition

PayPal address for donations: [email protected]

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