About Bouvet Island

This small piece of land lies in the far South Atlantic Ocean. This subantarctic island belongs to Norway and covers just 49km3 (9.5×7 km wide). This is the most isolated and most remote island in the world.

The nearest land (Antarctica) is located over 1700km away, while the nearest inhabited land (the Aghulas Peninsula of South Africa) is 2600km away.

Such a gigantic remoteness and hard weather conditions surround the island which has a subantarctic marine climate. A total lack of nearby marine transportation routes in this part of the world has caused the island to be one of the least visited places on the globe.

There are less people who have visited the island than have visited the Earth’s orbit, and its peak has been visited by less humans than have landed on the Moon.

“The above clearly shows our expedition will be exploring the unknown.

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