The 3YØI Expedition Team

The 3YØI Expedition Team

Our team consists of experienced travellers who specialize in expeditions to remote, inaccessible areas in harsh weather conditions.

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Dominik Grzyb 3Z9DX

The 3YØI Expedition Leader
logistics and safety, ham radio operator

José Araújo CT1DSV

Ham radio operator,

Marcin Adamowicz SP5ES

Ham radio operator
Morse code

Tack Kumagai JE1CKA

Ham radio operator,
Morse code


Technical advisory and logistics

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  • Dominik Grzyb
  • José Araújo
  • Tack Kumagai
  • Mieczysław Czarnecki
  • Marcin Adamowicz
Dominik Grzyb

Mr. Grzyb is a yacht captain and marine rescue instructor as well as a member of the prestigious organization „K38 Water Safety” which trains rescue teams and uniformed services on marine rescue and safety procedures. He has managed to cross 50,000 nautical miles and reached place #19 on  „The most travelled man in the world” list.

He has visited 190 countries, and he focuses on searching for and travelling to places that are difficult from a logistic, political or geographical point of view. He is one of the very few people in the world who has been allowed to make ham radio contacts from the Republic of North Korea.

Mr. Grzyb is an organizer of ham radio expeditions with humanitarian goals for small communities living in such places as Solomon islands, Temotu, Kanton Island (Kiribati), Cocos Island, Nigeria and Niger. He also established the Rebel DX Association, uniting ham radio travellers.

Dominik managed to land at Bouvet Island in 2001.

Ham radio callsign: 3Z9DX

José Araújo

José is a translator and voice talent, and a ham operator since 1987.

He is involved in Scouting since 1978 being nowadays the International Commissioner of the Portuguese Scout Association. He has participated in 3 World Scout Jamborees, 3 European Regional Scout Conferences, 3 World Scout Conferences, operated a lot with young people in radio scouting activities, and the first ever ham radio station with Scouts in Guinea-Bissau during the Jamboree on the Air.

You can listen to his voice if you choose the audio guide in Portuguese in many monuments and sightseeing buses around the world… or calling on SSB from Bouvet.

Ham radio callsign: CT1DSV

Tack Kumagai

Tack was born in March 1950. He was first licensed JA0CUV in 1966, moved to Tokyo and got JE1CKA in 1970. He’s been interested in DXpeditioning since he operated as C21/JE1CKA in 1973, then S21CW, 8Q6AH, VR1AK, VR4CW, VR8D, YJ8CW in 70’s. He got KHØAM extra in 1989 then he organized Multi/Multi operations in CQWW as KHØAM in 1990-1994.
Recently Tack operated EA9/KHØAM, 4W/JE1CKA, A35NN, S79EA, 9M4SDX, 9M0L etc.

Ham radio callsign: JE1CKA & KHØAM

Mieczysław Czarnecki
  • He lives in Gorzów Wielkopolski,
  • electronic engineer,
  • more than 150 000 QSO under his own callsign worked and 325 DXCC,
  • he prefers CW & DIGI mode and contests,
  • a constructor of numerous ham radio devices and antennas,
  • one of the very first digi mode operators in SP,
  • he managed to visit 5 continents and 42 countries, activating 30,
  • the operator of ham radio repeaters in Gorzów Wielkopolski and surrounding areas,
  • member of many sophisticated ham radio clubs,
  • Vice-president of the SP Old Timers Club
  • he managed to travel around the world in just 12 days!

Ham radio callsign: SP3CMX

Marcin Adamowicz

Licensed in 1972 as SP5GOR. Call changed in 1979 to SP5ES.
First polish guest operation in Austria (1977) as SP5GOR/OE.
Guest operator on 4U1ITU (1978).

Member of DXpeditions CR1M to the Azores (2010), ZK3E Tokelau (2014) and 5W0AG Samoa (2014), activities from Guadalupe FG/SP5ES (2016) and Martinique FM/SP5ES (2016).

Several hundred of activities from Flora & Fauna and Light House objects in 3 continents EU, NA, OC

DXCC Honor Roll in 1988 year. Active contestman.

Profession – chemist.

Ham radio callsign: SP5ES

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