A number of individuals and teams have been trying to reach and land on Bouvet Island. But this isn’t an „easy” island to deal with. To succeeed, one may need determination, a little bit of luck and ability… of good decision making. Sometimes a simple, yet basic mistake, may doom a fate of an expedition with a gigantic budget. Then, both high hopes and thousands of dollars of sponsors and individual donors land in a basket.

Unlike for our predecessors, our journey to Bouvetøya will be – as a matter of fact – a return. In 2001, our team leader Dom Grzyb (3Z9DX) successfully landed and stayed at the island.

And unlike the others, we have right skills and experience to get there again. Safely and without spending such enormous amounts of money.

Time for a change. Support and donate to our project.

The 3YØI Bouvet Island Expedition Team

Support us and donate to our Expedition

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