3YØI Press Release #7
March 29, 2019 @ 19:40 UTC



You all probably know that special feeling when things go bad and suddenly an individual you don’t necessarily know in person, casts a bright light across your gloomy day, don’t you? Today, at the 3YØI Team it’s been just like that.

I have received a very special email today, which I immediately forwarded to the team at Atlantic Tuna to let them know there’s a rewarded and respectable ham willing to share some super positive thoughts with us. Can’t describe how much we all appreciate his recognition. We quote it without comment – none such need, we reckon.

Hello Stan,

I don’t want to bog you down with a lot of emails however, a short email none the less.

I spent almost 43 years in the Military everywhere from the jungles of Vietnam to the deserts in the Middle East and of course many other places. I have endured some of the hashes places on earth while all the long people were attempting to kill me.

Of course, this email is in no way about me. I wanted to convey to you in my opinion, Dom his team and the Captain and the crew of that boat ARE the bravest people on planet Earth. If I could give them all a medal I would right now.

I have been following this adventure from day one until today and no matter what happens they have my upmost respect.  And to all the loud mouth critic I say to them until you have walked in their shoes keep your mouth shut and keep you sorry opinion to yourself. In 1968 I was part of a unit that attempted to take Hamburger Hill from the North Vietnamese after three attempts almost everyone in my unit was killed or severally wounded. After almost three weeks we gave up the hill up. So don’t tell me what failure is. If anyone especially Americans mention failure I would be more than happy to explain the difference between failure and Heroes that is my description of the Bouvet team.

Would I like to put Bouvet in my logbook yes but at the expense of anyone getting hurt or losing their life over. So for me, I am not so excited about a damn card as I am about human life. I hope the best to them all no matter what they decide to do.

73 to them all

Dale K1USA



bouvetoyaorg Dale K1USA


The email and the picture published under Dale’s K1USA permission.

73 de Stan SP8S
The 3YØI Press Officer


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